SLU News 22: April 14, 2014

This week on SLU News 22: American Ninja Warrior in St. Louis, Google Glass is almost here, see the Blue Man Group for $5, and becoming a bone marrow donor. Recorded and broadcast live from the Busch Student Center on April 14, 2014. Watch SLU News 22 live at 6pm on Monday evenings during the academic year on SLU campus channel 22.0 or

News Anchors: Amanda Honigfort and Jasmine Brown
Meteorologist: Jill Szwed
Sports Anchor: Sean Everson
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Non-Stop: A Game Of Chess To Decide The Fate Of Innocent Lives

Non-Stop is an action-thriller movie featuring Bill Marks, (Liam Neeson) a tense, alcoholic undercover air marshal, who is assigned to be on a transatlantic flight from New York to London. Neeson sits apprehensively at take off when he receives a threatening text message saying, “A passenger is going to die every 20 minutes until $150 million is wired into a bank account. Through a flurry of twists and turns, Neeson tries to identify which passenger is sending him the menacing text messages. All the while the audience is working alongside Neeson trying to identify the criminal. He tries to piece together the clues as the body count begins to rise. What makes it all the more intense is the fact that any of the 150 passengers and crew on board could be the evil mastermind responsible for the deaths onboard.

Given its constricted setting the movie does a good job of using the airplane to build suspense and drama. You may never think it would be possible for two men to brawl in an airplane bathroom but Non-Stop proves that it indeed can be done. If you are looking for a good action-thriller movie Non-Stop is a solid choice. Is it as good as some of Liam Neeson’s previous work? No, but I would still give Non-Stop a chance. After all, at a seasoned 61 years old who knows how many more action-thriller movies Neeson will sign onto? All in all Non-Stop is a suspenseful and thrilling movie that will have you continuously pointing your finger from one passenger to the next trying to figure out who the culprit is until the final scenes.

2014 SLU SGA Election Coverage

Abby Parra interviews the candidates running for the SLU SGA executive board, and election results are announced. Recorded and broadcast live on February 25, 2014.

SLU News 22: February 24, 2014

This week on SLU News 22: St. Louis prepares for Mardi Gras, Taco Bell introduces a breakfast menu, SGA elections, and National Love Your Pet Day. Recorded live from the Busch Student Center on February 24, 2014.

SLU SGA Election Forum

Candidates for the 2014-2015 Saint Louis University Student Government Association Executive Board answer questions from panelists and audience members. Recorded on February 18, 2014, in the Sinquefield Stateroom in DuBourg Hall.


Based on the book , this movie is a tear jerker, I will remember it for a long time. Yet while the movie makes you cry, it also makes you laugh at the same time.

Philomena tackles somber real life issues, but still pokes subtle jokes in the midst of the heavy content. The movie has a very deep theme, bringing out somber real life issues of religion and modern life. The actors were fabulous, masterfully bringing depth to the central themes of the Catholic Church, adoption and the strong bond between a mother and her son.

This a really enjoyable movie, and  gives one  a wake-up call about time spent with the family.

St. Louis Celebrates 250 Years


On Saturday St. Louis celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding. The weekend was marked by a number of events including the unveiling of 250 fiberglass birthday cakes spread throughout the metro area and the opening of a commemorative 250 in 250 exhibit at the history museum.

Click here for more information about how St. Louis is celebrating and you can find more information on the History Museum’s 250 in 250 exhibit here.

SLU-TV General Interest Meeting

Are you interested in writing, acting, directing, or producing content airing on campus channel 22? Are you interested in seeing and reviewing movies before they are released to the general public? Do you watch TV? SLU-TV, SLU’s student-run television network, has opportunities available for you this semester!

Our general interest meeting for the semester with be immediately following our weekly news program on Monday, February 24th, in BSC 247. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm. Free pizza will be available! If you are interested in watching SLU News 22 live in our studio prior to the meeting, please arrive between by 5:45pm. For any questions, send an email to

The Book Thief will Steal Your Heart Too

The Book Thief is almost as good as a film as it is as a novel – and that is really saying something.  I  read the Book Thief in high school and it has stuck with me ever since. When I heard that a film  version was coming to theaters I was incredibly excited, and a bit nervous. Would director Brian  Percival and screenwriter Michael Petroni be able to capture the creative and bizarre voice of  Markus Zusak’s novel? Yes, as well as you could possibly hope for.

In an adaptation that I hope gets an Oscar nod, if not win, for adapted screenplay, Percival brings the  story of Liesel Meminger (Sophie Néliesse), the Book Thief, and her life in Nazi Germany. Strangely  uplifting for a story narrated by death itself, the book shows us a slice of history we don’t often see —  Germans coping with the Nazi regime and doing so with wit, grace, and heart.

Everything about this film is a masterpiece. The extraordinary acting, the fluid cinematography, the  authentic sets and costumes, and the dramatic lighting come together to produce a film that is well worth its namesake novel.


About Time for a Really Good Rom-Com


Richard Curtis has done it again. About Time, out November 8, is one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long time, and I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. In his newest film, Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) tells the story of Tim, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary gift – the ability to travel within his own time stream – and his search for love. It is a search that finds its answer in a girl named Mary.

I’ll admit from the above paragraph this the movie may not sound any different from the fun, but all too predictable, slew of romantic comedies recently in theaters but Curtis throws in all manner of twists and turns, lessons and fiascos. He gives us life, messy and unpredictable and shows us the beauty in it.

The movie is philosophical and irreverent, awkward and uplifting, hilarious and serious, yet still flows beautifully throughout its 123 minute runtime. One more testament – Usually, awkward humor (one variety utilized) just makes me uncomfortable. Not this time. This time, it was really, really funny.

Of course, no matter how good a script or direction are the producers are still going to need a fantastic cast and crew to make the movie worth watching and Curtis has found just that. Every single member of the cast was wonderful. Two performances was particularly delighted by were Domhnall Gleason as Tim and Lydia Wilson as his impossible to categorize sister, Kit Kat.

Give it a chance. I promise you, About Time is not your average romantic comedy, nor your average Romantic Comedy.