Author: David Koeller

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06 0

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06

Winter weather is on the way for St. Louis. A winter storm watch has been posted from Wednesday afternoon through… # We will be holding our next meeting on Monday at 5pm in...

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-10 0

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-10

UPDOG is on now! !! # UPDOG is on now! # Below ZERO temps are enchroching on Missouri! Lows here tonight in the single digits, aroun +8°, with wind chills…...

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-03 0

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-03

UPDOG live at 11! Watch it! Check SLU-TV channel 22 or online at # Updog tonight! And SNOWWWWW!!!!! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-01 0

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-01

Snow still in the forecast. Putting a number on it has turned out to be quite a challange. Right now, it looks like… # Snow in the forecast! Check the latest video:

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-21 0

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-21

The weekend is looking great with high around 60 and partly sunny skies!! Cooler weather and rain is in store for… # The sun has finally returned to the skies over St. Louis...

BSC Weekend Forecast 0

BSC Weekend Forecast

The sun has finally returned to the skies over St. Louis and will continue to shine for the weekend! High pressure should provide us with at least partly cloudy skies this weekend and slightly...