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Happy Birthday, Matt!

SLU-TV would also like to wish our Executive Vice-President, Matt Wesselschmidt, a fantastic 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Matt!

Happy Birthday, David!

SLU-TV would like to wish its president, David Koeller, an outstanding 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday, David!

Thanksgiving Break

SLU-TV wishes everyone a fun and safe Thanksgiving break. Due to the holiday, regular programming and office hours will be suspended through Sunday, November 27. We will return with new movies and office hours on Monday, November 28.

Movie Review: Like Crazy

Like Crazy is not your typical chick-flick, not your typical romance film. This one is different. In a world of Blockbuster cookie-cutter fantasies, Like Crazy holds a valuable vein of truth. The acting, cinematography, and script are wonderful and come together to present an interesting and well-made film.

Anna, a British exchange student (Felicity Jones) and Jacob (Anton Yelchin) meet in a college class they share and the two spark a carefree romance with a deep connection. After Anna overstays her visa, however, she finds that she cannot return to California, and, thus, Jacob. She returns to Great Britain and what follows is a chronicle of the ups and downs of a relationship the two can never really leave behind and a love and connection that keeps them fighting for the chance to be together again.

Yelchin and Jones both give stellar performances. In parts heartbreaking, uplifting, awkward, and endearing, they keep the film completely engaging and realistic.

SLU News 22: November 6, 2011

Jon Sestak and Olivia Fugate with your SLU News 22 update for the week of November 6, 2011.

HEY ARNOLD Live Action Episode Remake


SLU-TV is doing a live action remake of the Hey Arnold Episode “The Stoop Kid” ( watch it HERE). And we want YOU to be apart of it!
There will be an informational meeting WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9TH at 5:30 in the SLU-TV studio.
Anyone who is interested in this project is welcome to attend.
If you wish to act in this episode please note that NO acting experience is necessary nor is resemblance to any of the characters.
For any questions email:
Move it football head!

Fall Break Update

Due to fall break, a live SLU News 22 will not be aired this week. Additionally, office hours over the break will be canceled. Regular programming and office hours will resume on Wednesday, September 26. We wish our viewers a fun and safe 4-day weekend!

Informational Meeting Today!

If you are interested in being part of SLU-TV, we are having informational meetings today (Sept 6th) or tomorrow (Sept 7th) at 5pm in the SLU-TV studio (BSC Room 247). Free pizza and soda for those that attend!


If you plan to attend, please RSVP by clicking here.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Reviewed

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was a refugee’s story; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a war story. The film picks-up directly where Part 1 left off, replaying Voldemort’s theft of the Elder Wand from Part 1 and continuing on to Hogwarts within the first half hour. The Final Battle takes up the majority of the movie.

Films in the series have been growing progressively darker and, although this film is not as dark as the reality of such a war would be, it continues the trend as the darkest yet. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a far cry from the wonderful world we were introduced to in Sorcerer’s Stone ten years ago. Some of the deaths are quite gruesome and this film is the bloodiest of the series.

While Director David Yates, Producer David Heyman, and the rest of the Potter team took quite a few “artistic liberties” with the material, they still produced an excellent film that includes all of the key aspects of the book. Screenwriter Steve Cloves produced a script that fit amusing quips into the background of war, giving us unforgettable lines (some of them his own, some favorites from the books) and all the information we need to follow Harry’s quest. To top it off, the trio continues to give stellar performances, as do the rest of the A-list cast.

The special effects were very well done and, combined with the work of Eduardo Serra (Director of Photography), allowed for beautiful and haunting images. Occasionally, however, I felt the movie became a bit too impressed with the skill of its special effects team taking away from the story for a short period of time.

My main criticism of the film would be the lack of Ginny Weasley (played by Bonnie Wright). While she has always been sidelined to a certain extent, this film cut her out even more. In the books she is Harry’s raison d’être. He is constantly thinking about her and remembering past memories. In this movie, Ginny is given only two real scenes to show how much she cares for Harry, while he appears almost unaffected by her presence.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a well-written, well-acted, and well-put-together film that effectively sends off the Potter film series. Anyone familiar with the series will delight in this most recent escape into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Hayes House: Tornado Relief Fund

As many of you already know, Kelsey Hayes, a junior at SLU, lost her house in the tornado last Friday. As a SLU community we are attempting to come together and do everything possible to support her family in this time of tremendous need. Many of SLU’s local restaurants have graciously volunteered to support the cause by donating a portion of the bill to help her family get back on their feet.
The following is a schedule of events:

Monday, May 2 – Humphrey’s will donate 25% of all food sales all day long.
Tuesday, May 3 – Laclede’s will donate 25% of all food sales from 5-10pm.
Wednesday, May 4 – Vito’s will donate 20% of all food sales from 5-10pm.
Thursday, May 5 – The Library Annex will donate 25% of all food sales all day long

For all of these deals you must tell your waiter/waitress that you are there for Kelsey’s family for a portion of the bill to be donated.

There are additional restaurants that may be added to the schedule so check back for an updated listing!

Additionally there will be a booth set up in the BSC until the end of the week collecting donations and selling t-shirts to raise money for Kelsey’s family.

For more information, see the Facebook event here: Hayes House: Tornado Relief Fund